Membership with TEMPO Racine

TEMPO Racine is an invitation-only organization that connects women leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience to support, advise, learn and create relationships with one another. Our membership includes more than 50 women who hold leadership positions throughout the Racine area. Email us at [email protected] to learn more or click on the JOIN NOW button at the top of our website to submit an application. In addition to monthly membership program meetings in Racine, TEMPO Racine members can expand their networks and their professional development through our active partnership with TEMPO Milwaukee. Our members can attend TEMPO Milwaukee professional development programs and signature events.

TEMPO Racine New Membership Process

Prospective new members can apply throughout the year, but they must have a nomination letter of reference from a current TEMPO member. The process is simple:

  • Nominees may complete our online application anytime throughout the year.
  • Along with the application, please submit a resume or CV and a letter of reference from a current member.
  • Member nominations are reviewed quarterly by the TEMPO Racine membership committee and are voted on by both the committee and the board. Again, this is a quarterly process with applications reviewed in September, December, March, and July.
  • Nominees must be sponsored by an active TEMPO Racine member.  If you don't know a current member but are still interested, simply reach out to us by email.

TEMPO Racine New Member Criteria

TEMPO Racine's membership committee uses an objective scoring process to evaluate prospective members. Key areas of consideration include: 

  • Professional accomplishments
  • Educational attainment
  • Community service and leadership

Prospective Member Information

Please share with women you believe would be a great addition to TEMPO Racine: